Patient Letters

"My primary concern as a physician is to always do what is in the best interests of my patients"
— Dr. Roger S. Madris

  Duncan Hill

Dear Dr. Madris,

On behalf of my father and our family, I am writing to express our gratitude for the exceptional care my dad has received as your patient.

My father is 86 years old. A year ago, after back surgery, his physical health deteriorated. By November, with his condition continuing to decline, we decided that the medical attention he was receiving was failing him badly. Consequently, I searched for another physician that could at least prevent further deterioration.

Fortunately, we found you. It was immediately apparent that you handle your patients with sincere compassion as well as applying extensive knowledge of geriatric medicine. You guided us in correcting the offending regime he was receiving at the skilled nursing facility where he had been rehabilitating.

You also diagnosed a heart attack that his other health care givers had overlooked. Your alert diagnosis may have saved my father’s life or at least protected his heart from further damage.

When your first saw my father, he was physically ailing, unable to walk or stand, and mentally frail. Today, he walks with a walker or cane, his mind is sharp, his appetite is healthy and he has a renewed enthusiasm for life. You have given us back our father.

During this patient-physician relationship, we have seen, and benefitted from, your exceptional character. We have witnessed your patience and sincere, deep-caring for our dad’s needs. You listen carefully, explain clearly and frankly and welcome the family’s involvement with our father’s health care. You have built a relationship of trust.

We are grateful that my father can rely on such an outstanding physician as Dr. Roger Madris.

Duncan Hill


  Carole Heitmann

Dr. Roger S. Madris
14 Rye Ridge Plaza, Suite 151
Rye Brook, NY 10573

Dear Dr. Madris:

When I began as your patient in July 2008, I was in very bad shape.  I had been in constant pain since February 19, 2008 and all the doctors that I went to looked at the old records and prescribed medicine to take care of the pain – not to eliminate the cause of the pain.  You impressed me by not being interested in what was past – you wanted to examine me and draw your own conclusion.  When I told you that I had pain in the groin, you didn’t tell me that I really didn’t – that the pain was in the back.  Who better to know WHERE I had pain than me?

You never made me feel that I was imagining the pain, that I was making more of it than I should have.  You understood that I really was hurting and that became your main concern.  Yes, I had other problems but they were secondary to getting me out of the pain and depression that I was in.  You cared about what I was feeling.  You helped to save my sanity.  I wasn’t crazy.  I really was feeling the pain and, together, we were going to solve the problem.

When the problem was finally diagnosed as being my hip, you were supportive in my proceeding and encouraging in my recovery.  Because of my age and weight problems, Bill and I were given a recovery time of 8-12 months.  You believed that I could and would recover quickly.  With all your support in the past, how could I let you down now.  I have amazed the therapist and the doctors with my quick recovery.

Please accept this letter as my sincere thanks for all you have done for me.  I am on the road to recovery – actually, I’m driving down that road!!  Your help has made my depression disappear and confidence reappear.  When you took your oath to help your patients, you really took it to heart.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sincerely yours,
Carole M. Heitmann


  Terry Lauro

Dr. Madris has been my Doctor for ten years. The day I accepted Dr. Madris as my primary doctor was the luckiest day ever for me. Dr. Madris is not a hit and run Doctor. He spends ample time with his patients because he cares, you can talk to him, ask him question and honestly get answers.
Dr. Madris is so thorough; he has saved me from being operated on more than once. If you are fortunate enough to have Dr. Madris as your Physician, consider yourself very lucky.

A very grateful patient,
Terry Lauro

  Letter of Appreciation

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Madris for approximately 15 years and during that time I’ve found him to be an extremely professional doctor but also one of genuine humanness. A number of years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and Dr. Madris recommended a surgeon and oncologist who treated me very successfully. Without those recommendations I think that my outcome might have been very different. I highly recommend Dr. Madris if you are seeking a doctor of professionalism, compassion and caring.

  Letter of Appreciation

Doctor Madris literally saved my life about 14 years ago. I was bitten by a spider which became Cellulites but was not properly diagnosed by a NJ physician during a visit to the Morristown Hospital emergency room. My office at that time was Parsippany even though I lived in New Rochelle, NY. Once Dr. Madris was informed of my symptoms he immediately insisted I go to White Plains Hospital to be admitted and placed on an IV. My condition was so poor that I ended up on the IV for 2 full days. Without his immediate intervention and expert advice the infection would’ve traveled up my arm to my lymph nodes and go knows what would’ve happened to me. Dr. Madris is a terrific doctor who really cares about his patients. Thank You. 


  Letter of Appreciation

Madris has been my primary care physician for approximately 19 years. Even in this age of HMOs he has retained a sense of purpose in genuinely caring for his patients’ health and welfare. He does not rush you out of his office and takes the time to research questions and provide informative answers and insights.

  Letter of Appreciation

I have been going to Dr. Madris for the last nine years and have found him to be not only competent, buy compassionate. He takes the time to explain to me in layman’s terms my condition and has always been proactive in my care. After some visits, he has even called me from his car on his way home to ask me how I was feeling and if I had any questions or concerns to call him or even come in to see him. I have done so on several occasions and I was able to see him the same day. How many doctors do that?



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