Areas of Expertise

"By forming a partnership with each patient I believe that my  patients can enjoy better health and a better quality of life."
— Dr. Roger S. Madris

  My practice consists of three major areas:

    1. Internal Medicine with an emphasis on prevention
    2. Geriatrics
    3. Weight Management

Internal Medicine is the branch of primary care that specializes in the care of the adult patient, including the diagnosis and treatment of both acute and chronic medical illnesses. Examples of acute medical problems include back pain, cough or headache. Common chronic medical illnesses include diabetes, elevated cholesterol and hypertension. As a board certified internist, I diagnose and treat a vast array of problems and therefore it makes sense to make my office the first place you visit when you are not feeling well.

Preventive medicine is integral to how I practice medicine. As the adage says, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. There are different levels of prevention which are referred to as primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary prevention refers to keeping a disease from occurring by removing its causes. This is something I do daily by giving immunizations, and counseling patients to adopt healthy lifestyles (such as helping patients to stop smoking, to eat foods low in saturated fats and cholesterol and to exercise appropriately).Unfortunately, in today’s world of “hurried” medicine this extremely important aspect of caring for a patient often gets neglected. Secondary prevention refers to detecting disease in its earliest stages when it is asymptomatic and when treatment can stop it from progressing. Again, this is something I do daily and stress its importance to patients. At each annual physical I spend the necessary time to review all recommended screenings and if necessary assist my patients in setting up the appropriate appointments. Examples would be mammograms to screen for breast cancer, colonoscopies to screen for colon cancer and bone density testing to screen for osteoporosis. Tertiary prevention refers to any intervention intended to prevent further deterioration or reduce complications from a disease that has already declared itself. I believe the key to this aspect of care is to regularly monitor patients so I can be sure they are getting the desired results from the medications they are taking and reaching the recommended goals for treatment of their condition. Examples include monitoring of the HgbA1c value to see that diabetes is under good control and monitoring blood pressure and cholesterol values. I think it’s very important that each of my patients understand their condition, the tests we use to monitor them and what the goals are for those tests. It is a well established that the more informed a patient is the more engaged and active they will be in helping to manage their condition. By forming a partnership with each patient I believe that my patients can enjoy better health and a better quality of life..

My subspecialty is in Geriatrics in which I am also board certified. Geriatrics is the branch of internal medicine which specializes in the care of the older adult, which is generally accepted to be an age of sixty five. Of course I still meet people well into their eighties who jokingly tell me they are too young to see a geriatrician. However I know that they would benefit from the expertise that a geriatrician has in managing their special needs and concerns. As a geriatrician I have specialized knowledge and training in diagnosing and treating such problems as memory loss, dementia, incontinence and falls. As a result, I am often required to work with my patients’ adult children and/or spouse, one of whom is usually their caregiver. I understand and I’m sensitive to the emotions and stresses involved and make every effort to give both medical and emotional support.

In our country today obesity has risen to epidemic proportions and plays a major role in the development and exacerbation of many of  the most common medical conditions I treat. These include cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and stroke, hypertension, diabetes and even certain cancers. For these reasons, I have taken a special interest in the treatment of obesity, overweight and nutrition in general. I have taken advanced training in these areas which are too often treated with disdain by many in the medical profession. I use an individualized step approach for each patient which takes into account the degree of obesity, other risk factors for cardiovascular disease and patient preference. I have had the pleasure to help hundreds of patients reach their weight goals safely.


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